NEW! The new Z8i 3,5-28x50 - APPROACHING DISTANCE


The new Z8i 3,5-28x50 - APPROACHING DISTANCE


Incredible precision, even at long range.



Extreme precision thanks to outstanding optics. Even at 28x magnification, the Z8i 3.5-28x50 P allows for perfect, uncompromising sighting-in, and the same applies to low magnification at short range.



The slim 30-mm (1.2-in) central tube blends seamlessly with any hunting firearm. In addition, the Z8i 3.5-28x50 P weighs just 665 grams (23.5 oz), making hunting less physically demanding.



The ballistic turret flex (BTF) means you always stay on target at your preferred range. The personalized ballistic ring (PBR) clearly displays all your relevant ranges, so that it takes just seconds to adjust it to the range you need.





NEW! Swarovski X5i will also be available in metric versions (MRAD)

Uncompromising precision for long range hunting: the new metric version of the X5i rifle scope

Un­com­pro­mi­sing pre­cis­i­on for long ran­ge hun­ting: the new me­tric ver­si­on of the X5i rif­le scope

Whether it’s in the remote expanses of the steppes or high up in the mountains – challenging, long-range hunting requires equipment that is uncompromising in its precision, optical perfection, and robustness. The X5i has already shown how it is the ideal companion for such conditions. From April 1, 2019 two of these long-range rifle scopes (X5i 3.5-18x50 and X5i 5-25x56) will also be available in metric versions (MRAD). This means they are now perfectly adapted to the needs of Europeans.






NEW! Schmidt & Bender Exos 3-21x50

Exos 1-8x24

The 3-21x50 Exos is the latest addition to the Exos line. We focussed on intuitive functionality, such as 11-step illumination technology including an automatic switch-off and the reliability of all components. The "S-Spring Technology" developed by Schmidt & Bender stands for a precise and repeatable bullet drop compensation (BDC) with precise tactile clicks. Our integrated locking mechanism excludes unintentional adjustment. The 3-21x50 Exos is equipped with a second focal plane reticle suitable for daylight and convinces at short distances for the ephemeral shot as well as for the precise long-range hunting shot. The patented "Minimum Deviation System" ensures that any possible deviation from the point of impact is minimal. This makes the new Exos an ideal companion and a real all-rounder for all hunting situations.



NEW! Schmidt & Bender PMII GR²ID reticle.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekstGeen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.




Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vectronix terrapin x


NEW! Dipol Thermal and Nightvision products

NEW! Dipol Thermal and Nightvision products.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dipol thermal imaging


NEW! Available now! LRR-MIL reticle (Long Range Reticle)

LRR-MIL available


NEW! Aimpoint ACRO P-1

NEW! Aimpoint ACRO P-1

The ACRO will be available first in tactical form featuring a 3.5 MOA dot with 12 brightness settings, the first 4 of which are night vision compatible. But, Aimpoint points out the ACRO is not a single sight but a series, so we assume that means we’ll see a family of ACROs with differing dot sizes, with and without night-vision compatibility settings to suit different markets and price points.

  • Optimized for pistol and applications which require a low profile red dot system
  • The only fully enclosed system in its size on the market
  • Designed for direct integration onto pistol slides
  • Over 1-year battery operation on position 6 of 10
  • Battery installation while optic is still mounted on weapon
  • NVD compatible
  • Submersible to a depth of 25 m (82 ft)



NEW! Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-21x50

NEW! Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-21x50

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